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Critical Asset Remote Monitoring

Mechanical failure of motors, gearbox drives, rolling element bearings and other vital plant equipment are among the most common preventable reasons for production stoppages in industry across the globe today.


With the continued advancements in wireless technology, communications and advanced processing capability, on-line condition monitoring of your critical assets is no longer a luxury but an integral part of your asset management strategy.


Keep on top of what you need to know.....

FC F 01.png

Failure Pattern 'F' = 68%

Delta Asset Reliability's Predictive Analytics  team can provide you with timely and reliable asset health and condition assessments in conjunction with corrective maintenance recommendations.


DeltaAR's staff are ISO certified Level II & III Vibration Analysts with over 25 years experience in multiple maintenance and condition monitoring techniques/technologies. Their detailed knowledge in Vibration Analysis, Balancing, Laser Alignment and maintenance practices will not only assist you in deciding what the best course of action is for developing faults, but will also be able to highlight maintenance induced or 'Infant Mortality' failure modes after intrusive corrective 

maintenance, responsible

for about 7 out of every10 

failures in industry today.

This post maintenance QA/QC validation of critical assets should be a fundamental component in all maintenance close out process work flows prior to returning an asset back into service. After all, it's better to find out whether the asset is fit for service while the maintenance team are still on site and able to correct any shortcomings in a timely manner, rather than operating the equipment in a less than ideal state for some time and potentially causing consequential damage, until you are able to mobilise the entire maintenance crew for a return trip to site.


Think of it as having specialists permanently on site ...





Remote operations are highly dependent on their data communications, servers and technologies. The figure above shows the network architecture for the secure 4G / Satellite transmission of sensor data (vibration, temperature, pressure, etc.).


Typically, a 4G modem and router are installed at site to transmit live data via a virtual private network (VPN) link to the operation center.

Systems installed at site are IP67 compliant and provide secure, reliable storage and transmission of data as well as 100% redundant capacity. For instance, when the 4G link is not available, the server at site, stores the data till the 4G link can be established. Once the 4G connection is established, the server is notified and data is transmitted securely to the operations centre via the VPN.


At the operations centre, global standard server redundancy is available. The data centre at the operations centre uses 2 independent NBN lines, 2 routers, 2 switches and 2 physical servers. Data is securely stored in 2 separate storage area networks. The 2 NBN data lines (from different telecommunications providers) ensures reliable internet access while the multiple servers, routers, switches and storage area networks safeguard against individual system failures.


Failure no longer has to be an option....

BG 13.png
BoP 01.png

Whether it’s Critical Rotating Fixed Plant Production Assets or Heavy Mobile Mining Equipment (HME), remote online condition monitoring and assessment does not have to be a complex process.



Let Delta Asset Reliability 

                help you simplify it…


Benefits Include:


Stable Certified Staff - Experienced, well-practiced and ISO certified staff are difficult to recruit and even more difficult to retain. DeltaAR's staff are ISO Level III Certified.


Lower Resource Cost - No need to mobilise qualified staff every time you want an update on the health of your asset.


Peace of Mind - Continuous alarm based monitoring with ISO Certified Level III VA staff analysing the data and reporting at customised intervals.


Repeatability - Know that high resolution data is being collected at the exact same measurement locations and at the same time intervals, all the time, every time.


QA/QC - Quickly, accurately and efficiently assess the quality of maintenance performed on your assets without the need to mobilise specialists and have them sitting around if there is scheduled work over run.


Data Ownership - The data base with all collected and stored data remains the property of the client at all times and is available on request.


Early Detection - Provides plenty of time for maintenance to thoroughly plan and schedule all resources required to intervene and correct the problem before it fails in an uncontrolled manner.


Defect Elimination - Provides crucial information to correctly identify the root cause(s) of a problem allowing corrective measures to be put in place to reduce and/or eliminate the reappearance of such faults.


Condition Based - Equipment maintenance can transition to condition based corrective action rather than fixed time intervention thus reducing the risk of inducing ‘infant mortality’ failure modes.


Cost Effective - By utilising the latest in wireless technology, DeltaAR's installation eliminates the need for hundreds of meters of expensive cabling.


Insurance Policy - Online monitoring acts as an asset insurance policy that actually reduces your insurance premiums.


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