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In theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice

But in practice, there just is

With both national and international practical leadership experience in Asset Management, Maintenance, Risk Mitigation, Reliability Improvement and Multi Technique Condition Monitoring, our staff have successfully carried out system design, audits, implementation, training and development projects across the globe while working with some of the world’s leading organisations.
Geo-Thermal Power Generation ($800M Green Field Site)


Training; Facilitate multiple Reliability Awareness training courses to raise the level of understanding of future projects for both the Geo Thermal and Hydro Electric operations. Present workshops on Criticality ranking and assessment followed by facilitation to establish criticality on a Green Field Geo Thermal Power Plant. Facilitate training courses on RCM methodology.


Development Project; Lead working team closely aligned with on-site Reliability and Maintenance engineers to develop, the site equipment maintenance plans, Critical Spares & Bills of Materials for loading onto Maximo Maintenance Management System. Responsible for the design and implementation of the plant condition monitoring program encompassing vibration analysis, ultrasonic detection and thermal imaging. Lead multiple predictive technology Plant Asset Health Assessment (PAHA) to identify assets that require mechanical intervention / maintenance for upcoming plant shutdowns.

Iron Ore Mining & Processing Plant


System Design & Implementation; Employed to carry out a condition monitoring system design and implementation on a brown field site in remote Western Australia with no previous predictive maintenance strategy in place.


Field Duties. Working closely with the technical services management team on a 14/14 fly in, fly out rotation over 6 months and tasked with the design, project management, implementation, comissioning and hand over of a vibration condition monitoring system, infrared thermography program, fluid management and cleanliness control initiative.

Chemical Process Plant

System Design & Implementation; Employed as the Condition Monitoring / Reliability Engineering team tasked with designing, building and implementing an integrated site wide condition monitoring system. Working closely with site maintenance management team on a 15/13 fly in fly out roster for two years, to complete and hand over the final system implementation, operation and maintenance strategy.


Field Duties; Balancing turbo acid blowers, conducting natural frequency resonance tests on structures and rotating assets and ultimately designing modifications to minimise the effects of critical speed forcing frequencies. Acting as an 'Owners Representative' for QA/QC on the work carried out by the numerous contractors on and off site, reporting back to management with a view to establish allowable limits, tolerances and future acceptance tests criteria.

Gold Mining


System Design & Implementation; Contracted as the subject matter experts by AngloGold Ashanti and tasked with the design and site implementation of AGA's predictive maintenance standard on multiple sites across the globe.


Training & Development; Developing individual and unique site based planned maintenance strategies for both field technicians and management as the front line initiative for AGA's reliability improvement program. Coaching field staff on condition monitoring technologies, techniques and data analysis.

Routine Condition Monitoring


Field Duties. Delta Asset Reliability staff have managed numerous condition monitoring programs for multiple clients across Australia and overseas. Duties include data acquisition, analysis, severity assessment, recommending corrective maintenance actions for the different failure modes identified and performing QA/QC checks on equipment post installation and maintenance. Our staff use multiple condition monitoring techniques to accurately assess the overall health of your asset. Techniques include Vibration Analysis, Oil & Wear Debris Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Airborne and Contact Ultrasonics as well as incorporating various process parameters to further increase the confidence level of diagnosis and prognosis.


Industry Sectors. Delta staff have performed these duties for multiple industry sectors including Underground and Open Pit Mining, Metal Manufacturing, Power Generation (Conventional and Geo Thermal), Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Food and Beverage, Building maintenance and QA/QC for Motor Rewind Services.

Training & Development

Delta Asset Reliability has developed a very well received, experience based, modular training course that has been delivered across all industry sectors, both here in Australia and over seas. Targeting both the maintenance & reliability practitioner as well as asset managers, this course has proven to be beneficial to site staff at all levels in the organisation.


Topics include; Reliability Tools and Techniques; Communication; Human Error; Criticality Ranking; Visual Inspection Techniques; Condition Monitoring Techniques; Correlation of Techniques; Root Cause Analysis; Asset Management; Reliability Engineering; Reliability Block Diagrams; Contamination Control; Planning & Scheduling and Rolling Element Bearing Failure Investigation.

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